Welcome to ywschinadirect.com, a unique British company that facilitate manufacturing safely and cost effectively ….guaranteed! Our UK HQ and Shanghai office means we are on the ground in China to look after your needs like nobody else can. Call me on +44 (0)1202 251126 or email david@ywschinadirect.com or
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David Ralph MBA MSc, UK Director
Shanghai China      ….for all your global sourcing needs
   Based near Shanghai and fluent in Mandarin, I will facilitate the manufacture of your product needs directly from the factory. You get exactly the right quality with no fuss and with simply unbeatable prices.
Roger Strutt, Shanghai Resident Technical Director

We Facilitate Quality Manufacturing in
China for You

Easy: Our UK Director is an expert in Manufacturing and Business and is always available for advice. We pride ourselves on understanding your exact needs.
Safe: Our British Director in China speaks fluent Mandarin and will facilitate and train the factory as well as inspect the goods before shipment. You get exactly what you expect.
Unrivalled Service: Getting the best price for you is important to us. As we deal direct, we are confident we will give you unrivalled prices and quality.
Already found a factory yourself?

We can help you assess the suitability of the potential supplier. Are they really who they claim to be? Have they the capability to do the job correctly?

Talk with Factory: Initially we will call the factory management and communicate with them in their own language. We probe and scrutinize based on our experience and backed with a full brief on your requirements. We then report our finding to you.

Visit Factory: We can visit the site and offices. Armed with your requirements, we will get a much better understanding of their true capabilities and professionalism. Our experts have years of experience and an excellent reputation in this field. We will even escort you to the factory and support and advice if you wanted to visit yourself.

If you want to talk about one or all of these option give us a call.
Next Step?
Call David Ralph +44 (0)1202 251126 or email david@ywschinadirect.com to discuss how we can help you.